• Longmont Chinese Herbs

    What It Is

    Chinese Herbal Medicine is safe and effective botanical remedies prescribed to you by skilled herbalist, J. Hadyn Peacock, L.Ac.

    It’s true that many pharmaceutical drugs are created using botanical plants. However, Chinese herbs work in concert with the body’s natural ability to heal, and have a decreased risk for side effects, unlike pharmaceutical drugs.

    Who Benefits?

    Herbal medicine can be given for virtually every condition. Whether it’s the cold or flu, digestive symptoms, OB/GYN-related conditions, an autoimmune disorder, or even insomnia and stress, we can customize a variety of formulas to meet your needs.

    In our clinic, we prescribe you herbal formulas either as a patent or as granulars. Patent formulas are based on classic herbal formulas that are time tested and proven effective. They are usually in pill or capsule form. All patents are GMP Certified. Granular formulas are the powdered form of plants, but in higher concentration than the plant. These are typically taken dissolved in warm water, but capsules can be made upon request.

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    • Class Schedule
      Whether you're a beginner or expert, we have a class for you. With 40 years experience, Marian W. Caudron, Ph.D., teaches all of our classes at the Qigong & Tai Chi studio.
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    • Rates & Insurance
      Our Longmont clinic offers a wide variety of Chinese medicine services, and we are also in-network with several health insurance plans for acupuncture.
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