Chinese Herbs & Nutrition

Achieve Optimal Health Through Chinese Herbs & Nutrition

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s true that “food is your medicine and medicine is your food.” But what may be considered beneficial in one person’s diet, might not be suitable for another person’s diet.

In Chinese medicine, nutrition is one of the most vital components of treatment. Not only do we understand and use the energetics of Chinese herbs in your treatment plan, but foods are also closely considered for their energetic qualities and how that impacts your healing and overall health.

Chinese nutrition and herbal medicines are safe and effective botanical remedies prescribed to you by a skilled herbalist, J. Hadyn Peacock, L.Ac.

Who Benefits from Chinese Herbs & Nutrition?

We’re your experts in Chinese herbs and nutrition. Incorporating Chinese herbs and nutrition support into your treatment isn’t just for those experiencing food allergies or digestion imbalances, it’s also for those with skin problems, autoimmune disorders, OB/GYN-related conditions, an autoimmune disorder, or even insomnia and stress, cold and flu, and/or arthritis. We customize a nutrition plan that meets your needs.

Our team of providers will carefully evaluate your current diet and provide a customized nutrition plan and herbal regimen based on your individual health goals.

Food Is Medicine

It’s true that many pharmaceutical drugs are created using botanical plants. However, Chinese herbs work in concert with the body’s natural ability to heal, and have a decreased risk for side effects, unlike pharmaceutical drugs.

<span”>In our clinic, we prescribe you herbal formulas either as a patent or as granulars. Patent formulas are based on classic herbal formulas that are time-tested and proven effective. They are usually in pill or capsule form. All patents are GMP Certified.

Granular formulas are the powdered form of plants, but in higher concentration than the plant. These are typically taken dissolved in warm water, but capsules can be made upon request.

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