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We are Longmont’s acupuncture and Chinese medicine experts. Whether you’re in need of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and nutrition therapy, cupping, Medical Qigong, or a combination of treatment methods, we have a plan for you.

Treatments and Rates


During your one-on-one private visit, additional therapies may include Chinese herbal prescriptions, cupping, heat therapy, and/or nutritional consultation. The current rates are:

  • Initial visit: $105 (1-1 ½ hours)
  • Follow-up visits: $85 (1 hour) Additional time over 1 hour is billed at a prorated hourly rate

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal-based prescriptions may be prescribed as part of your acupuncture treatment protocol or you can have a Chinese herb-only consultation. You must be a current client in our care to receive herbal prescriptions, as we do not sell retail.

  • Initial visit: $125 + cost of herbs (1 hour)
  • Follow-up visits: $75 + herbs (30 minutes)
  • Chinese herbs prescription: prescription fees vary based on the type and duration of the herbal medication

Chinese Nutritional Medicine

Customized nutrition plans may be recommended as part of your acupuncture treatment plan. Alternatively, you can have a nutrition assessment-only consultation.

  • Initial visit: $125 (1 hour)
  • Follow-up visits: $75 (30 minutes)


For our clients requiring cupping:

  • Treatment add-on: $20 (internal referral only, diagnosis dependent)

Medical Qigong

For our clients requiring private Medical Qigong:

  • Initial and follow-up treatments: $150 (internal referral only)

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