Medical Qigong

Restore the Flow of Qi in the Body

Medical Qigong (or External Qigong) is a method of treatment that opens the body’s Qi field, removes disharmonies from it, then re-balances the field. This helps restore the flow of Qi in the body’s internal channels, resulting in improved health and well-being.

Energy Work for Well-Being

The term Qigong in Chinese literally translates to ‘Energy Work.’ Qi cultivation is a refined system of exercises and meditations that develop our ability to acquire, store, circulate, and purify our Qi. It enables us to live longer and healthier lives and to be more effective in our work and our relationships.

Who Benefits?

While everyone can benefit from Medical Qigong, it is particularly suited to treat people who have not felt relief from any other methods, including acupuncture. In cases where the body’s Qi field has collapsed (from injury or illness), the internal channels can be so closed-off that there may not be enough Qi moving through them for acupuncture to re-balance. Fortunately, since the body’s Qi field and its channels are connected, opening the field with Medical Qigong also opens the channels. Acupuncture can then be a very effective follow-up method to fine-tune the restored flow of Qi.

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