• Longmont Chinese Nutrition

    What It Is

    In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s true that “food is your medicine and medicine is your food.” But what may be considered beneficial in one person’s diet, might not be suitable for another person’s diet.

    In Chinese medicine, nutrition is one of the most vital components of treatment. Not only do we understand and use the energetics of Chinese herbs in your treatment plan, but foods are also closely considered for their energetic qualities and how that impacts your healing and overall health.

    Who Benefits

    We’re your experts in nutrition. That’s why we provide residents of Longmont Chinese nutritional therapy. And isn’t just for those experiencing food allergies of digestive issues, it is also beneficial for those with skin problems, autoimmune disorders, and arthritis.

    J. Hadyn Peacock, L.Ac., with carefully evaluate your current diet and provide a customized nutrition plan based on your individual health goals.

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    • Class Schedule
      Whether you're a beginner or expert, we have a class for you. With 40 years experience, Marian W. Caudron, Ph.D., teaches all of our classes at the Qigong & Tai Chi studio.
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    • Rates & Insurance
      Our Longmont clinic offers a wide variety of Chinese medicine services, and we are also in-network with several health insurance plans for acupuncture.
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